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Hunter pair in London nightclub acid attack

Hunter pair in London nightclub acid attack INJURED: Isobella Fraser, 22, suffered burns to her arm and back after her top melted into her skin. Her sister, Prue, suffered injuries to her arm.
Nanjing Night Net

The burns to Isobella Fraser.

Prue Fraser, 20, suffered burns to her arm in the London nightclub acid attack.

Prue Fraser, 20, suffered burns to her arm in the London nightclub acid attack.

Isobella Fraser. Picture: Grant Sproule/Facon

Isobella Fraser. Picture: Grant Sproule/Throwing Buckets

Isobella Fraser. Picture: Grant Sproule

Isobella Fraser. Picture: Grant Sproule

Isobella Fraser. Picture: Grant Sproule

Isobella Fraser. Picture: Grant Sproule

Isobella Fraser. Picture: Grant Sproule

TweetFacebookHUNTER sisters Isobella and Prue Fraser have described the moment they survived a horrific acid attack in a London nightclub which hasleft both of them with burns and another 10 people with a range of injuries.

The pair had been enjoying a night out with friends at the Mangle Club in East London on Saturday when a fight broke out nearby and they attempted to retreat.

“It all happened so quickly; I was thrown over this fence and onto my stomach and then felt this horrible pain on my arm,’’ Prue, 20, told the Newcastle Herald.

“It took a couple of seconds to realise what was happening and I thought it was some kind of attack.

“I just looked for my sister.’’

Isobella, visiting her Chelsea-based sister who had been working in the UK for seven months, said she had turned her back to get away as the fight, involving people they did not know, broke out.

“I felt what I thought was all this water down my back, like someone had spilt a drink,and then I couldn’t breathe,’’ Isobella, 22, said.

“I could smell something, like a cleaning product, and I thought what is happening, are we in the middle of a terrorist attack.’’

Isobella said the “water” began to burn on her back and someone started yelling they had been hit with acid.

“My whole top had melted onto my back,’’ she said.

The sisters said they had heard others may have lost their eyesight in the attack.

Seven News reported authorities did not believe the incident wasterrorism or gang related but the result of a dispute between two groups of people in the club.

Two other victims, both men in their twenties, werein a “serious but stable condition”, police said in a statement.

A London Fire Brigade spokesman told AFP an “unknown corrosive substance” was thrown after a fight broke out.

The sisters initially went home and contacted their parents, Malcolm and Sharon Fraser from Whitebridge, before heading to hospital for treatment.

Both were treated for burns –Prue for injuries to her arm and Isobella to the injuries to her back and arm.

Both are grateful they escaped more serious injuries.

“There are people a lot worse than us,’’ Prue said.

Mother Sharon said her daughters were alittle embarrassed about the amount ofattention, especiallyaftertheir cousin Tori van de Stadt had hit the headlines herselfafter suffering horrific injuriesin a hit-and-runmotorcycle accident in Bali late last year.

“Now it has all settled down a little bit, the girls are feeling bad because what they have experienced is nothing like what their cousin has had to endure, and they are getting the attention,’’ Mrs Fraser said.


A DOZEN people have been injured in a suspected acid attack at a London nightclub overnight.

British police are investigating the incident, which led to a mass evacuation of the venue Mangle in Hackney.

Hunter sisters Isobella and Prue Fraser have identified themselves as among those caught up in the incident.

“I couldn’t breathe, I thought we were getting gassed, I thought it was a terrorist attack,” Isobella told Network Seven on Tuesday.

The pair have taken to social media to reassure their family and friends in the region.

“Still so in shock from this,” Prue, a former St Pius X student, wrote on social media.

“Isobella and I are fine, we are so lucky as it could have been much worse.”

British media reports two men in their 20s were in a serious but stable condition after a dispute between two groups led to an unidentifiedsubstance being sprayed in the area.

More to come.

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Hunter BreakfastApril 18

Photo by @theagephoto: Early morning training session at Bells Beach for the Rip Curl pro. Pictures by @joe_armao @ripcurl_usa @ripcurl_aus.Traffic: There is heavy traffic in the M1’s southbound lanes after an earlier crash at Jolls Bridge. The site is clear but congestion lingers.
Nanjing Night Net

Weather: Possible shower in Newcastle, Nelson Bay (both 23 degrees), Raymond Terrace (24 degrees), Toronto and Wallsend (both 25 degrees).

Trains: Good service on the Hunter and Newcastle lines.

Beachwatch:It’ll be partly cloudy with the slight chance of a shower but overall another pretty good day beachside. The wind will be light and variable before heading south to south-east with the swell from the south-east around 1 metre. Around town try the reef breaks at Nobbys, the Cowrie Hole, Newcastle, the Bar to Merewether stretch and Dudley. Down south try Hams, Catho and Frazer Park. At port Stephens try Samurai and One Mile. It’s still quite good in swimming with the water temperature 20 degrees.

Hunter headlinesAFTER years of playing hard-to-get, the Wests Group has emerged as the leading candidate to buy the Newcastle Knights –possibly before the end of this season. Read more.

Today’s iconic Civic Park fountain had a slow and painful birth, even being derided by one critic ages ago as looking like “the twisted wreckage of a huge burnt-out plane”. Read more.

IF Christine Geoffrey didn’t believe in miracles, she does now. Her’s came on Easter.In the Watagans National Park for a picnic with family and friends on Sunday, the get together turned to emergency when her beloved French bulldog Zeus went missing. Read more.

Fishermen have worked for three days to salvage a trawler found upside down andunder wateron the Hunter River at Raymond Terrace. Read more.

THE state’s peak environment watchdog has slammed a “potentially misleading” report by a major Australian building supplies group that includes a discrepancy of more than 300 in the number of daily truck movements from a controversial Hunter quarry upgrade. Read more.

Telina Webb and Paul McEwan’s battle with Port Stephens Council over a fence has cost the couple more than $100,000 in legal bills and the council an undisclosed sum, estimated in the tens of thousands. Read more.

ROSE Strong of the Sherralee goat stud at Cooranbong said her family was in a “state of shock” this week having scored its best ever result at a Sydney Royal Easter Show. Read more.

TOPICS In case you missed it, that venerable bastion of television journalism, A Current Affair, traveled up the M1 last week to square off with the city’sembattled Lord Mayor, Nuatali Nelmes, over her$40,000 credit card bill. Read more.

DAVID LOWE We can all relax now, can’t we? Problem solved, feet up, take a little winter break, come back in a few months and everything will be much better.Run of the mill, really. Let’s make it interesting – why don’t we appoint a new coach in a month or two, give everyone else a head start in the recruitment stakes, just to make it a more even contest? Read more.

A DECISION on thefuture of 10 off-contract players at the Jets hasbeen put on hold but negotiations with Central Coast striker Roy O’Donovan are continuing. Read more.

State of the nation► Bendigo, VIC:Itmay have promised to be “environmentally and socially sustainable”, but the state’s planning tribunal has found a new music festival near Maldon is too isolated, lacks access roads and could be a bushfire risk.

The Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal knocked back the WildThings Festival in a recent ruling–the latest hurdle for the micro-festival.

► NATIONAL: A Liberal MP has called on Tony Abbott to quit Parliament, labelling the former prime minister a “wrecker” who is trashing his own legacy and sacrificing the national interest to wage “jihad” against Malcolm Turnbull.

Queensland MP Warren Entsch said Mr Abbott’s “nonsense” was driving voters into the arms of minor parties and independents, and likened his actions to Kevin Rudd’s relentless campaign of vengeance against Julia Gillard.

► Forresters Beach, NSW:OnEaster Sunday, 2008, a detective repeatedly struck a plastic dummy doused in blood in an experiment part-way through the trial of a teenager, 16, charged with the shocking stabbing murder of a girl, 15, on the Central Coast.

In a judgment on Thursday, almost nineyears to the day since the experiment, three judges of the NSW Court of Criminal Appeal ruled that while much of the detective’s evidence was misleading or incorrect, and almost certainly influenced the jury’s guilty verdict, the murderer’s appeal against his conviction“must be dismissed”.

► Newcastle, NSW: The elegant, once controversial, Civic Park fountain in Newcastle is taken for granted today. It’s a timeless, classic design. One passionate Sydney radio broadcaster has described it as “one of the finest pieces of public sculpture in Australia”.

Even after all these years it still appears modern. Not a bad achievement for something that wasunveiled back in November 1966.

► Kangaroo Island, SA:Sometimes, just sometimes, it’s worth seeing our home through visitors’ eyes.

@animalparaid: Just to top off a pretty awesome day yesterday, a rainbow on sunset. Also if you can see that thing in the water, which I just missed capturing, it’s a dolphin that just jumped out of the water. Click the photo for more.

The sights, and the sheer unadulterated beauty that we call home, seen through the new eyes offers us a different perspective of what, perhaps, has become commonplace.

Eye on the weatherWhat does it look like in your neck of the woods today?

World news:►Washington:Donald Trump has drawn his own red line on North Korea’s dangerous weapons program – equating a threatened intercontinental missile test with a nuclear weapon that could hit the US, the President tweeted bluntly in January: “It won’t happen.”

And at the weekend, his aides gave definition to that categoric claim’s terms and timeline – for now, at least, it stops short of a pre-emptive military strike, but Pyongyang’s determination to press ahead with tests is a challenge that Trump will confront within months.

►Malaysia:The well-planned abduction by at least 15 masked men of a Protestant pastor and the disappearances of three other church-linked people in Malaysia have prompted fears of religious vigilantism in the Muslim-majority nation.

Security camera footage showed the daylight abduction of the 62 year-old pastor Raymond Koh in the leafy suburb of Kelana Jaya near the capital Kuala Lumpur on February 13.

Faces of Australia WATCH THIS FACE: Cale Fletcher hopes to enjoy both dance and medicine long-term. “They’re not mutually exclusive.” Picture: Simone De Peak

CALE Fletcher thought he had closed the door on his passion for dance.

Mr Fletcher, 24, had spent more than 15 years relishing learning, teaching and competing in tap and jazz, yet had pushed it aside for two years to focus on his medicine degree.

Butthe night before the world-famous Moulin Rogue held its biennial auditions in Sydney last year, he felt something inside him ignite.

Cale FletcherWhat’s trendy?►TWITTER:Australia’s oldest and richest short distance running race, The Stawell Gift, took place on Easter Monday with elite athletic events and family entertainment. See highlights from the day in a series of images by Pat Scala.

Liv Ryan wins The Australia Post Strickland Family Women’s Stawell Gift for 2017. #StawellGifthttps://t.co/aTdymiU1xNpic.twitter南京夜网/Qi7Fkow9Tz

— The Age Photography (@theage_photo) April 17, 2017On this day …1025Bolesław Chrobry is crowned in Gniezno, becoming the first King of Poland.

1506The cornerstone of the current St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican, is laid.

1775Paul Revereand William Dawes ride from Charleston to Lexington warning the “regulars are coming!”

1783Fighting ceases in the American Revolution, eight years to the day since it began.

1906San Francisco earthquake and fire kills nearly 4,000 while destroying 75% of the city

1954Colonel Gamal Abdal Nasser seizes power & becomes Prime Minister of Egypt

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MKR villains sent packing after lacklustre ‘walk out’

Villains Josh and Amy have been sent packing after their constant bickering anchored them to the bottom of the My Kitchen Rules leaderboard.
Nanjing Night Net

Producers will be breathing a sigh of relief now there’s zero chance they’ll have to awkwardly hand over the $250,000 prize to the self-proclaimed seafood king. In recent weeks, Josh has aimed his machine-gun snark away from his fellow contestants and towards the show itself, accusing the crew of selective editing and delaying his exit for the ratings.

Viewers saw the seafood king’s demise coming a (nautical) mile away. It’s the law of reality television that if a contestant brags about how they’re going to ace the competition, they’re actually going to crash and burn.

And that’s exactly what happened.

“There’s no way we’re going to be on the bottom of the leaderboard at the end of all this,” Josh tells Amy after explaining he wants a score of 86 out of 100. “I’ve had enough of arguing with you, I just wanna have a lot of fun. You’re gunna be head chef – I’m just gunna listen.”

But those words prove fatal. As soon as Josh starts prepping the main (blue swimmer crab with citrus spinach salad), he and Amy start bickering like there’s no tomorrow. Josh wants to pour every single bottle of white wine within a 200km radius into the marinade, while Amy wants just two bottles tipped in.

So what does Josh do? Pour every single bottle of white wine into the marinating bucket.

When it comes to the herbs, Amy reminds him to leave some coriander for the second main. So what does Josh do? Use all of the coriander, of course.

Things come to a head while the pair plate up their entree.

“Stop barking orders at me,” Amy snaps.

“We’re gunna need to be divorced after this,” Josh fires back.

The heated tit-for-tatt comes across on the plate, with both Pete and Manu unimpressed with the entrees. It’s exactly the same for their main dishes, with the pork belly adobo with coriander rice lacking – yep, you guessed it – coriander.

“There’s no need, no need in the world to be marinating crab in a white wine solution,” Manu tells them. “The acidity of the wine killed the meat of the crab before you even cooked it. If you, Josh … were sitting here tonight, you would take this apart.”

Back in the kitchen, Amy is barely holding it together. And Josh’s lack of empathy isn’t helping, either.

“Don’t be a d—,” Amy says after he scolds her for crying. Then, the highly-anticipated walk out.

“Babe don’t worry about it,” Josh says, chasing after her. “We can make it work, trust me.”

Eventually, Amy calms down and says she wishes Josh would just pull his head in sometimes. While their outburst does rattle the guests – with Duncan commenting that the drama has sucked “all the energy out of the room” – it’s far from the dramatic ‘break-up’ that Channel 7 promised in its promos a few weeks back.

The Broome couple’s hopes of finishing on a high are dashed when their sugar glaze on the crem de catalana doesn’t turn into the hard, brown layer they hoped for. Meanwhile, Amy puts too much amarelle in her alcoholic milkshake. Drowning her miseries, perhaps?

After the carnage of the night is over, Josh and Amy finish on a miserable score of 31, meaning they are eliminated on the spot.

That means the eight teams heading into the MKR finals are Tim and Kyle, Valarie and Courtney, Court and Duncan, Amy and Tyson, Della and Tully, Mark and Chris, David and Betty and Karen and Ros.

This story Administrator ready to work first appeared on Nanjing Night Net.

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Man responding to flatmate ad sexually assaulted woman: police

A woman who advertised a room for rent in her apartment in Sydney’s inner west was allegedly violently sexually assaulted and choked by a man who turned up to inspect the property, police say.
Nanjing Night Net

Jong Han Park, 26, has been charged with attacking the 31-year-old woman at her home on Corby Avenue in Concord early on Easter Sunday.

Mr Park, a Korean national, has also been charged with assaulting another woman at a house in Strathfield last month, as well as stealing two cars and leading police on a pursuit.

Police believe the man may have responded to other online advertisements for rental properties in Sydney, and have appealed for anyone who may have encountered him to contact police.

Police allege that, early on Sunday morning, Mr Park stole a set of keys, a wallet, a laptop and $300 cash from a home in East Lidcombe and used the keys to take the home owner’s Honda CRV.

He then drove to Concord at about 11.20am to meet the woman and view the rented room.

Residents in the two-storey complex in Concord said many people were often seen coming and going from the three-bedroom unit and the victim had only been living there for about a month.

After Mr Park entered the apartment, he allegedly sexually assaulted and choked the woman. She allegedly fought him off and he fled in the stolen Honda CRV.

The woman alerted police, and officers from the Burwood Local Area Command launched an investigation.

He was spotted in a shopping centre on Thomas Street in Haymarket, in Sydney’s CBD, at 11am on Monday and arrested.

Officers searched Mr Park, and allegedly found a key from a stolen vehicle.

Mr Park is also accused of assaulting a woman at 2.10am on April 2 after the pair had an altercation in Strathfield.

The following day, Mr Park was allegedly failed to stop when police tried to pull him over in Lidcombe.

A police pursuit was initiated after police established that the red Jeep four-wheel-drive had been stolen on March 20.

Mr Park is also accused to assaulting a person, and stalking and intimidating them on March 25.

He has been charged with aggravated sexual assault; choking with intent to commit a serious indictable offence; take or detain a person for advantage; steal from a dwelling; two counts of common assault; two counts of taking and driving a conveyance; police pursuit (Skye’s Law); and intimidation.

Mr Park’s lawyer, John Kahn, declined to comment on what may have been behind the alleged crime spree.

He did not apply for bail for his client and the matter will return to court on June 14.

Mr Park appeared in court via video screen from Surry Hills Police Centre and only spoke to correct the pronunciation of his name and to say “yep” when the proceedings finished. /*\n”,color:”green”, title:”Woman assaulted”, maxWidth:200, open:0}] );}if (!window.gmapsLoaders) window.gmapsLoaders = [];window.gmapsLoaders.push(CreateGMapgmap20173186254);window.gmapsAutoload=true;/*]]>*/

This story Administrator ready to work first appeared on Nanjing Night Net.

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Singer Tom Jones selling his Beverly Hills mansion of 20 years

What you waiting for? Gwen Stefani relists her former marital mansionEllen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi list their stunning Tuscan-style US homeTaylor Swift wins bid to have her LA home awarded landmark status
Nanjing Night Net

When Tom Jones famously asked “What’s new, pussycat?” over 50 years ago, he wasn’t singing to your average domestic calico.

One look at his living room and it’s clear the big-voiced Welshman prefers more exotic felines.

Along with an abundance of leopard print, there’s a healthy representation of other African animals, including carved wooden giraffes cavorting in the upstairs gallery and an elephants-on-the-Serengeti fabric in the master bedroom.

The legendary singer has put his home of nearly 20 years on the market. The 16-room, 750-square-metre Mediterranean-style contemporary villa sits within the guard-gated confines of Mulholland Estates, in Beverly Hills.

Featuring five bedrooms, seven bathrooms and grand scale entertaining areas, the asking price is $US8 million ($10.5 million).

The listing agent is Cecelia Waeschle, with whom Jones has had a long professional relationship.

Before moving to this house, Jones lived in a red brick Tudor-style mansion on the Bel Air flats which had once belonged to Dean Martin.

Jones famously paid over $90,000 to install a special red phone box from his hometown of Pontypridd, Wales, on the property. Jones put it by the pool and had it re-wired to be fully functional.

In an interview with the BBC, Jones explained “We did not have a phone in our house when I was growing up so I spent hours every night in the call box. Most of my conversations in the box were to Linda, when I first met her, and nearly 40 years on we are still together.

“It was from a call made in that very box that I learned I had become a father and once when it rang in the States I found out I was a grandfather,” Jones said.

When Jones sold that house to Oscar-winner Nicolas Cage in 1998 for over $8 million, he had the red phone box removed, and repositioned here at the Mulholland Estates home.

Traditional detailing, including ornate mouldings and multi-paned windows, have all been painted white. The fabrics and soft furnishings, however, are of a more exotic nature. Photo: Sotheby’s International Realty

When Louis XV met leopard print. No word on whether these unique furnishings are included in the listing price. Photo: Sotheby’s International Realty

No one would ever call this decor ‘minimalist’ but it does have a cohesive look, even in the upstairs gallery-style hallway. Photo: Sotheby’s International Realty

It’s a jungle in the bedroom, too. And this master suite is about the size of a large apartment. Photo: Sotheby’s International Realty

This story Administrator ready to work first appeared on Nanjing Night Net.

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