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Australian had ‘no idea’ his book would be read at Trump’s first Easter Egg Roll

It would probably send a lot of other authors hopping mad.
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But when Australian children’s author Adam Wallace discovered Donald Trump’s chief spin doctor had co-opted his words in order to project a more family-friendly image during Washington’s Easter celebrations, he was more amused than anything else. After all, any publicity is good publicity.

Every year, thousands of children and their parents flock to the White House for the annual Easter Egg Roll. As part of the festivities, a number of key players in American politics – including the first lady – read to groups of children.

For Trump’s first Easter Egg Roll, press secretary Sean Spicer ditched the Easter bunny costume in favour of a suit and speckled tie in order to put his communication skills to good use.

Carrying a copy of How to Catch the Easter bunny, Spicer – who is usually in front of television camera yelling at journalists for telling the truth – enlisted the help of a dapper child to read to everyone present.

The book’s author, Melbourne-based writer Adam Wallace, had no idea his book was chosen for the Easter festivities. In fact, he only found out about the picture book being selected after he was contacted by Fairfax Media.

“I had no idea at all,” he said. “It’s a massive shock. My publisher has been really good at getting my books out there… bizarre things are happening that I never would have expected. But this is all a bit out of the blue.”

One of Wallace’s previous books, How to Catch A Leprechaun, was a New York Times bestseller. He suspects this might have something to do with his Easter-themed picture book – illustrated by Andy Elkerton – was picked up by the White House.

Wallace admitted he didn’t have very strong opinions on Donald Trump, simply because he doesn’t watch much news. “It’s too depressing,” he said.

However, he did point out that maybe Sean Spicer is the best person to read How to Catch the Easter Bunny because it “might show a different side to him”.

“As an author, one of the biggest things is just having your books seen,” he said. “I do a lot of school visits and that sort of thing, but you can only go to so many schools over a year. I don’t know if it’s good publicity or bad publicity [to be associated with the Trump administration], but it seems good.”

Spicer appeared initially uncomfortable during the storytime session, but eventually relaxed into his role after commenting on one of the audience member’s bunny ears. But that didn’t stop the press secretary from being roasted on social media, with last week’s Holocaust-gaffe still fresh in people’s minds. Cute of this kid to teach Sean Spicer how to read #EasterEggRollpic.twitter南京夜网/bO4hyFecJv??? Aaron Matthews (@AaronLMatthews) April 17, 2017″You in the bunny ears stop shaking your head at me. That is how the Easter Bunny was caught!” @[email protected]#EasterEggRollpic.twitter南京夜网/tM4gLUyzmm??? Amelia Rustaey (@RustaeyAmelia) April 17, 2017This story Administrator ready to work first appeared on Nanjing Night Net.

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Newcastle defend title with new-look squad

IMPORTED: Canadian Felix-Antoine Poulin is a defenceman with a knack of scoring goals. Picture: Skip Hickey/SkipsPics The Newcastle Northstars will chase a third consecutive Australian Ice Hockey League title with a new array of imports, but coach Andrew Petrie says his local players again will hold the key to the club’s fortunes.
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Last year’s leagueleading scorer, Connor McLaughlin, and fellow imports Scott Swiston andBrandon Greenside have left the club. In come Canadians Matt Marantz, Steve Kuhn and Felix-Antoine Poulin and American Joe Harcharik.

The club has also lost goaltender Dayne Davis but recruitedAustralian representative Charlie Smart from Sydney Ice Dogs to compete with fellow youngster Nick Mizen for a starting role.

Newcastle, who have changed their nickname from North Stars to Northstars, had five players in the Australian Mighty Roos squad thatwon silver in the Division II Group A world titles this month in Romania.

Captain Bert Malloy, Mat Lindsay,Beau Taylor, Pat Nadin and Smart were in the squad. John Kennedy Jr, who became an Australian citizen in January, was picked but hadfamily commitments.

The Northstars have won six Goodall Cups in 14 seasons, a consistency which suggeststheir success has as much to do with their cast of Australian players as the star qualities of their imports.

“That’s precisely what the key to the success is,” Petrie said.“You want to build a working culture of success and camaraderie, and then complement that with the right set of imports.

“Seeing so many of them get called up to the national team is really gratifying.”

Marantz, a six-foot criminology graduate from Calgary, is a centre who playedfive years with the University of Western Ontario Mustangs and a close friendofKuhn’s.

Kuhn played last season with Neuilly-sur-Marne Bisons in the French second tier with former Northstars MVP Geordie Wudrick.

Poulin is a goal-scoring defenceman whohas two seasons of pro hockey behind him, in the East Coast Hockey League withAlaska Aces and in the UK’s Elite Ice Hockey League with Dundee Stars.He ledthe EIHL in goals for all defencemen with 17 and had32 assists.

“Felix has good size, great mobility and vision and has an elite-level shot,” Petrie told the AIHL website.

“He’s got a natural flair for jumping up into the offence.”

Harcharik, who will miss this weekend’s season-opening double-header in Adelaide and Perth, was sixth on the AIHL offensive charts when he played with the Sydney Bears in 2015.

The Northstars will launch their season with a Skate with the Champions evening on Wednesday from 6 to 8pm at Hunter Ice Skating Stadium. Stadium entry and skate hire will be free.

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RSL outraged at ‘silent disco’ on Anzac Day eve

RSL outraged at ‘silent disco’ on Anzac Day eve The flyer posted to the Universal Bendigo Facebook page.
Nanjing Night Net

The post on the Universal Bendigo Facebook page.

The flyer posted to the Universal Bendigo Facebook page.

Comments on the post on the Universal Bendigo Facebook page.

Comments on the post on the Universal Bendigo Facebook page.

Comments on the post on the Universal Bendigo Facebook page.

Comments on the post on the Universal Bendigo Facebook page.

Comments on the post on the Universal Bendigo Facebook page.

Comments on the post on the Universal Bendigo Facebook page.

Comments on the post on the Universal Bendigo Facebook page.

Comments on the post on the Universal Bendigo Facebook page.

TweetFacebookA “silent disco” planned for the eve of Anzac Day has sparked debate in Bendigo with the Bendigo District RSL labeling the promotion as “inappropriate”.

Theevent at Universal Bendigo was described on the nightclub’s Facebook page as “A Minute of Silence… No… It Deserves a Night of Silence!!! ANZAC EVE…. SILENT DISCO!!!”

It is scheduled for the evening on Monday, April 24, with “three DJs to choose, hundreds of tunes and complete silence!”.

Bendigo District RSL president Cliff Richards said the way animageof a soldier and poppies was used in the flyer promoting the event was “disgusting”.

“It’s highly inappropriate this company has done this,” he said.

“As far as theBendigo District RSL is concerned, it’s certainly an inappropriate act to use the word ‘Anzac’ and images of poppies when promoting a disco.”

Mr Richards said Anzac Day was a day of national pride, not a day to advertisea disco.

The Universal Bendigo nightclub in McCrae Street.

The Facebook post, which was removed this morning, wasslammed by users when the event flyer was posted just after 5pm yesterday.

“Absolutely despicable. Me and my comrades are offended for those who lost their lives for this country. It’s not party time. Disrespectful and ignorant,” one Facebook user wrote.

“Come to the war memorial and talk about the 102,000 Australians that have lost their lives and talk to their families.”

Another called for the Universal to remove “this entire joke of a post” and make a formal apology.

Not everyone was offended, with a number of Facebook users tagging people and saying they would attend.

Comments on the post on the Universal Bendigo Facebook page.

Penalties apply for the incorrect use of the word ‘Anzac’ under theProtection of Word ‘Anzac’ Act 1920 actand permission from the Veterans’ Affairs minister is generally required to use the word in a commercial context.

However, the words ‘Anzac Day’ may be used in connection with certain events or entertainment held on April 25, or on consecutive days including Anzac Day, withoutpermission.

The Bendigo Advertiser is seeking comment from Universal Bendigo.

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‘I couldn’t breathe’: Australian sisters injured in acid attack at London nightclub

An Australian woman who was injured in an acid attack at a London nightclub says she feared she had been caught up in a terrorist attack when chaos erupted inside the venue.
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Sydney woman Isobella Fraser, 22, and her sister Prue, 20, were with friends in the Mangle E8 nightclub in Dalston, east London, early on Monday morning when a fight broke out between a group of people standing nearby.

Isobella said she saw someone use a drink bottle to splash two men in the face with a liquid, which also splashed on her, her sister and others standing around them. Police say 12 people were injured when the corrosive substance was thrown.

“It just sort of went everywhere,” Isobella told Channel 7.

“I couldn’t breathe. I thought we were getting gassed, I thought it was a terrorist attack or something … I was freaking out just because of all the things that have been happening.

“I actually couldn’t breathe and I was coughing, and yeah, I just felt this thing on my arm, and I realised it was some sort of acid. It was pretty crazy.”

Isobella, who is a model, was burnt on her arm and on her back, while Prue was burnt on her arm. They took themselves to hospital for treatment.

Isobella said her shirt stuck to her skin when the acid hit, and the fabric had to be picked out of her wounds. But she said her injuries “could be worse”.

“They’re very painful, but I didn’t get it on the face or anything like other people did, in the eye, and apparently some people can’t see, which is really bad,” she said.

Prue said “everyone was crying” when they realised what had happened.

“It was horrific. Just the thought of it now is quite stressful,” she said.

Police said two men aged in their 20s were the most seriously injured, and remained in hospital. No one has been arrested over the attack.

“The substance is yet to be identified, but it is believed to have been acidic,” police said in a statement.

Another of the injured was Sadie Wright, the cousin of former Premier League footballer Jamie O’Hara.

O’Hara tweeted a photo of Ms Wright’s injuries, and described the attack as a “sick act of violence”. sick that my cousin got burnt from this acid attack in hackney,innocent people get injured for the sick act of violence,guy should get life pic.twitter南京夜网/gysgljLpuO??? Jamie Ohara (@Mrjamieohara1) April 17, 2017This story Administrator ready to work first appeared on Nanjing Night Net.

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A second roll up for Aberdare bowls site

VACANT: The site of the Cessnock City Bowling Club, which burned down in 2010.The future of the former Cessnock City Bowling Club site has become clearer –and it’s unlikely tocontain a major fast food outlet.
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Cessnock Councilwill ask the NSWDepartment of Planning and Environment to change thezoning at the Aberdare site to allow a greater range of development on the land.

The site is currently zoned for privaterecreational use only.

Council believes the zoning should be changed to B1 Neighbourhood Centre, which would allow developments such as accommodation, business premises, a cafe, houses,shops or a medical centre.

A motion to change the zoning at the March 15 council meeting was not supported by the majority of councillors.

But Crs Bob Pynsent,Di Fitzgibbon and Rod Doherty moved to reversethat decision at the April 6 meeting.

Their new motion had an additional requirement – torestrictthe floor space of any cafe or restaurantdevelopmentto 150 square metres.

Thatwould ruleout a major fast food development, such as the KFC that was proposed for the site in 2014.

Council papers show the landowner took his KFC proposal off the table last July.

Cr Fitzgibbonsaid the site sat as “an ugly wart on the edge of town” since the bowling club burned down in 2010.

She said council did not want to buy the land.

“Council already takes care of 126 parks, playgrounds andsports fields,” Cr Fitzgibbon said.

“If we waste money on land that we don’t need then how do we address other issues?”

Cr Fitzgibbon said restricting the area to recreational use stood in the way of jobs and progress.

“It sends a bad message to people who are willing to invest in the city,” she said.

Cr Pynsent said keeping the site as recreational only“sterilised the land”.

Cr Doherty pointed out that if the building had not burned down in 2010 it would still be operating as a licensed premises.

Meanwhile, Cr Allan Stapleford said that council did not buy the land, so itshould not putany development restrictions on the owner.

But CrIan Olsen did not want the zoning changed.

He saidit was always council’sintention to keep that part of town asa sporting precinct.

Cr Olsen said he didn’t see why there needed to be any development on thesite.

“The residents don’t want it, the schools don’t want it, the sporting organisations don’t want it,” he said. “I don’t know what we’re going to end up with up there.”

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